The idea to create Astrotransit came up a few years ago. First of all, we wanted to share our knowledge with those who would be interested. Still would! Astrology opens up a previously unknown world, teaches you to follow the appointed destiny of the path and helps to bypass obstacles. This became clear when much of what was considered about myself and the close circle of friends turned out to be correct and brought positive results.

We all remember what the Universe says: “You did well for yourself, do the same for another, and everything will return.” The principle of our work consists precisely in this strategy. Subsequently, our knowledge became even deeper, the number and volume of consultations increased, new astrological horizons opened up. Today, with the help of Jetesh, we can:
• make an individual human horoscope (natal chart);
• give answers to questions about personal relationships, life path, financial wealth, vocation, family, health status, professional activities, etc.;
• to suggest in what period of time it is better to perform certain actions (moving, marriage, divorce, job change, etc.);
• reveal the sources of monetary income;
• suggest what to pay attention to in the upbringing of children who develop abilities;
• analyze family relationships and ways to improve them;
• find out what karma is and choose ways to work it out;
• to share astrological knowledge;
• help to find yourself and spiritual harmony.

Without a clear understanding of what is happening, the world sometimes seems dark and scary. Opinions play a huge role in this. And if they are laid out on the shelves and painted in the desired color? It will become easier. Do you agree? Write us!