Transit of the Sun through Aquarius

From February 13, the Sun makes a transit through the sign of Aquarius – this is a good period for the implementation of the most unusual ideas and well-coordinated effective work in a team with like-minded people.

Many people feel the need to get out of their comfort zone, are interested in non-traditional sciences, the computer and information sphere, have a craving for shopping, commerce, and want to show their inner state through some kind of creativity.

Yes, if you need the support of sponsors or patrons, feel free to contact those people who, in your opinion, have similar views and may be interested in developing ideas.

Aquarius, like the Sun, loves freedom and self-expression in exactly the way it sees fit, so any encroachment on freedom risks causing serious discontent and resentment. Be careful in personal relationships.

We have indicated the general trends of the Sun’s transit through the sign of Aquarius, but we suggest that you draw up a personal natal chart to view the individual impact of the transition in your life.

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