Scorpion (Vrischika)

Ruler planet – Mars

Fixed (fixed) sign

The energy of material nature (gunas) – ignorance (tamas)

Element – water

Caste (varna) – Brahmins

Ayurvedic type – kapha

Female gender

Kalapurusha – external genitalia, urine, blood

Nakshatras in Scorpio:

  • 0°00´-03°20´ (female) – ruler Jupiter, Vishakha nakshatra
  • 03°20´-16°40´ (male) – ruler Saturn, nakshatra Anuradha
  • 16°40´-30°00´ (female) – Ruler Mercury, Jyestha nakshatra

Exaltation: Ketu

Debilitation: Moon 3°, Rahu

Mulatrikona: no planets

Who did not have time to be born in Libra – is born in Scorpio. This is such an introductory joke. But there is truth in every joke. It’s just presented in disguise. So it is with Scorpions. Their life is a continuous veil, behind which is going on what other ascendants most likely cannot bear. This is a sign of self-digging and self-knowledge, a sign of extremes and the most muddy depths. As soon as Scorpio decides to relax, life sends him all new tests. Of course, it’s easier to accept. But not all people fully feel their nature. Sometimes it takes more than a dozen years to understand it. Especially when your essence is so multifaceted and deep.

Often Scorpios are weapons in the hands of Karma. If you do not follow the laws, then these people are the first to be punished. However, they are a punishment for others. Scorpios are literally made for destruction. You need to choose the right path and destroy for good. Destroy the obsolete, that which should be destroyed, that which hinders the birth of the new and blissful. This is such a difficult task for this sign.

Often strong leaders are born with an ascendant in Scorpio. These are the people who understood life and their nature, and difficult situations only hardened them. But sometimes these are weak people, mired in ignorance and bad habits. It all depends on the correct choice. In any case, Scorpio can reach the end, and even to the end of the bottom or heaven – the choice is up to Scorpio.

Characteristics of Scorpio

Decisiveness, courage, perseverance, endurance, rigidity, intuition, mystery, causticity, resentment, isolation.

Strengths of Scorpio: have great inner strength, endurance, dignity and perseverance. They don’t shy away from responsibility. They can feel and see through others, as they have an innate talent for psychology and esotericism.

Weaknesses: secrecy. It is difficult for them to trust others. Resentful. Emotionally react to criticism and conflicts, tough in communication. They tend to suppress their emotions, internal struggles and tension.

Recommendations: use the “count to ten” or “I will answer tomorrow” rule when you feel that you are getting emotional. Pranayama. Meditations to cleanse the subconscious of resentment. Deepen your abilities in psychology and esotericism.

Areas of activity for proper implementation: agriculture, especially agrochemistry and work with poisons. Prison business, investigators, detectives, funeral services. People of creative professions, philosophers, astrologers, occultists, psychologists. Pharmacists, herbal medicine, surgeons. The world of art, especially everything related to music.

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