7th house of the horoscope

This house will tell about the spouse and partners of the owner of the natal chart. These people will be a reflection of the 1st house – they will be able to complement it in order to harmonize life. In the 7th house, the characteristics of the spouse and partners are displayed through the planets and signs of the horoscope. In a broader sense, partners in the house can be recognized in such incarnations as business partners, co-authors in creativity or some other project, very close friends and girlfriends.

When characterizing the 7th house, it is important to understand that it describes all aspects related to marriage, but at the same time indicates possible problems with sexual desire and the reproductive system.


  • spouse;
  • partner;
  • sexuality;
  • the strength and power of a love affair;
  • public influence;
  • passion;
  • comfortable moving;
  • the quality of love and sexual relationships;
  • other countries;
  • internal genital organs, lower back.

What to look for:

  1. carriers of the properties of the 7th house (karakas) are: Venus, Mars.
  2. patron in an abstract horoscope – Libra;
  3. the house is favorable, but any planets in it have a negative color;
  4. the ruler of the 7th house, when located in any of the houses of the horoscope, brings him good and enhances the characteristics.


To know the secret of a native’s marriage, one can combine the full characteristics of the 1st and 7th houses. Remember that when describing, it is important to consider the connections and aspects of the houses. Closely intertwined with each other, they seem to communicate, transfer information and their influence to each other.

  • the owner in the 7th house will talk about a happy marriage with a long-familiar soul mate;
  • the lord of the 7th house in the 4th speaks of a happy family with real estate, cars, and connections with famous people through the influence/kinship of the mother;
  • if the owner of the 11th house is located in the 7th house, the main wife will be married, there is a possibility of moving to another country.

Thus, the 7th house of Jyotish gives a detailed understanding of the quality of personal life and describes the spouse with extreme precision. An additional value of the house is an indicator of moving to other countries and a successful life abroad. Combinations of planets and signs, as well as their influence on each other, will add bright colors and characteristics to the natal chart.

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