11th house of the horoscope

The 11th house will tell about the profit of a person, which he receives to a greater extent from actions and the current situation in the 10th house, as well as from the implementation of financial data in other houses of the natal chart involved in this area.

Information in the 11th house creates a picture of profit and wealth associated not only with career advancement, but also with winning the lottery, bonuses and similar options for sudden easy financial enrichment.

The natal chart and its 11th house can also describe the ambitions and goals of a person, focused on making a profit, tell information about how a person behaves in society (with friends) and how he realizes himself in it.


  • all types of income (including lotteries, bonuses, gifts, sudden wealth from relatives, etc.);
  • circle of acquaintances;
  • companies of people;
  • goals, plans, ambitions;
  • success in the professional field, promotion;
  • sickness and convalescence;
  • older relatives;
  • legs, left ear.

Features of the 11th house of Jyotish:

  1. the bearer of the properties of the 11th house (karaka) is Jupiter;
  2. patron in an abstract horoscope – Aquarius;
  3. it is considered an auspicious house, therefore all the planets in it show their good qualities;
  4. answers the question of where the money comes from;
  5. describes the circle of friends and those people who evoke warm feelings and a desire to be like them.


To avoid mistakes in describing the 11th house, it should be distinguished from the 2nd. Both houses are responsible for money in a person’s life, but the 2nd house reveals information about work as such, indicates the potential of a person to perform work, and the 11th house describes ambitions and money, for which you do not need to daily and painstakingly perform routine tasks. actions.

In conjunction with other houses and their owners, taking into account the location of the karaka of the house, the characteristics of the sign and various aspects, it turns out to create a detailed projection of information in the 11th house. All possible points must be taken into account. We must not forget that:

  • the ruler of the 11th house in the 1st house gives the owner of the natal chart the fulfillment of desires and a good financial situation;
  • the lords of the 9th and 10th houses in the 11th house indicate a regular large monetary income;
  • income will be brought by the house in which the owner of the 11th house is located.

To harmonize the 11th house, it is necessary to work out the areas and areas of responsibility for which he is responsible. It is also recommended to carry out the study of Jupiter.

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