Cancer (Karka)

Ruler Planet – Moon

Movable (cardinal) sign

The energy of material nature (gunas) – passion (rajas)

Element – water

Caste (varna) – Brahmins

Ayurvedic type – kapha

Female gender

Kalapurusha – heart, chest, chest, lungs, diaphragm, blood

Nakshatras in Cancer:

  • 0°00´-03°20´ (male) – Ruler Jupiter, Nakshatra Punarvasu
  • 03°20´-16°40´ (male) – Ruler Saturn, Pushya Nakshatra
  • 16°40´-30°00´ (female) – Ruler Mercury, Nakshatra Ashlesha

Exaltation: Jupiter (5°)

Debilitation: Mars (28°)

Mulatrikona: no planets

Cancer in Vedic astrology is considered to be a moving sign very much related to family and emotionality. It is literally filled with all the inner feelings and experiences that the Moon, the patroness of the sign, gives it.

As expected, in such a situation, Cancer is primarily focused on family values and home comfort, always deeply feels inside himself any, in his opinion, injustice, wants to give care and support to relatives, but in return requires the same.

Cancerians carry their perception of family values far beyond the family. This can be felt, for example, in a work team or among friends. Interestingly, people born under the sign of Cancer feel good about others, and behave like their expectations. It is logical that Cancers have good intuition, but it depends on the mood. Very often, people born under this sign can behave perfectly, silently fulfilling the whims of their loved one, and then the opposite happens abruptly: they turn into capricious offended individuals who recall all insults, even children’s, and nothing can pull them out of a dull states, until the Moon allows you to exhale and no longer feel thrown to the mercy of the whole world.

Characteristics of Cancer

Sensitivity, caring, emotionality, indecision, romance, changeability, tenderness, anxiety.

Strengths: respect for others, value family and family values, know how to create an ideal family atmosphere, have good intuition, feel the inner world of people around them, have a high level of empathy.

Weaknesses: changeable mood, restless thoughts, the presence of hidden grievances that pop up at the most inopportune moments, become overly attached to people and the emotions caused by these people.

Recommendations: choose a spiritual mentor for yourself who will help smooth out regular internal fluctuations; filter your social circle so as not to become attached to people with bad influence; do not expect from others a similar level of return of kindness and love given to them the day before.

Fields of activity for proper implementation: social work, psychology, educators, restaurant activities, cooking, design, architecture.

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