2nd house of the horoscope

This house is primarily responsible for the financial sphere. By looking at it, you can understand what a person’s penchant for wealth is, how he spends money, whether he will have loans or a habit of borrowing money instead of earning it, realizing his purpose.

In addition to the financial sphere, the 2nd house can tell about the parental family, which influenced a person aged 1 to 6 years. This is a kind of connection with the family, when the relationship between favorable family energy and a person’s ability to earn money without falling into despair and risks is clearly felt.


  • indicates work that brings money, but is not always related to inner satisfaction;
  • represents the face, eyes, teeth, throat, tongue;
  • dignity;
  • language;
  • food and taste preferences;
  • ability to financial savings;
  • relations with parents, connection with the family;
  • education.


  • carriers of the properties of the 2nd house (karakas) are Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, the Moon.
  • the patron in the abstract horoscope is Taurus;
  • 2nd house – the house of Artha (accumulation and resources) – it shows through what resources and in what way a person can present himself to the world in order to gain income;
  • 2nd House – House of Maraka (Death) – 2nd house periods/sub-periods bring serious illnesses and life situations.


The meaning of the 2nd house is considered through the prism of bad and favorable planets in the house itself, as well as planets in other houses that have aspects to the 2nd house. By the way, favorable planets help to accumulate wealth, give good relations with parents, unfavorable – lead to problems in the financial sphere, sometimes bring poverty, disharmony in relations with parents. More examples:

  • connection of the owners of the 1st and 2nd houses – money without much effort;
  • the combination of the owners of the 2nd and 12th houses or mutual negative aspects – the probability of eye diseases;
  • the owner of the 2nd house in the 10th house is an indicator of the achievement of wealth.

If you managed to make your own horoscope and you saw that the planets in the 2nd house are exalted, it means that the owner of the natal chart will be able to earn money and accumulate it, gradually approaching financial well-being. If the online natal chart shows the presence of a planet in decline in the 2nd house, there will be difficulties on the person’s financial path or his resources will be insufficient to ensure his harmonious existence in the modern world.

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