9th house of the horoscope

The 9th house is the most auspicious and fortunate house in the entire natal chart. It brings good, all the positive experience that a person has acquired in past reincarnations.

Looking at the 9th house, one can talk about how much a person’s level of virtues prevails over all other personal qualities. House indicates good luck in life, such as winning the lottery or an unexpected acquisition without effort. Based on this, the meaning of the house hides the prestige acquired in society and the recognition of the owner of the natal chart.

Another important meaning of the 9th house is the figure of the father. Here you can see the fate of the father, health, character. If the relationship with the father is good, then the house will send good luck, as if rewarding for a respectful attitude towards the parent.

In order to improve the 9th house, personal growth is needed, the transformation of consciousness that the 8th house gives, and to maintain the most positive relationship with your father and your mentors.


  • luck;
  • religion;
  • wisdom;
  • father;
  • grandchildren;
  • spirituality/religion;
  • guru;
  • trips;
  • travel to other countries;
  • higher education;
  • hips.

Main characteristics:

  1. the carriers of the properties of the 9th house (karakas) are Jupiter and the Sun;
  2. patron in an abstract horoscope – Sagittarius;
  3. all planets, falling into the 9th house, become favorable;
  4. The lord of the 9th house makes other houses auspicious when he gets into other houses.


To consider the 9th house, a method similar to the previous houses is used: first you should pay attention to the planets in the 9th house, then to its sign, then to aspects and conjunctions. When deciphering information, it is necessary to take into account the general trend of the natal chart and note the characteristic features of the house. Feature examples:

  • the lord of the 9th house in the 1st house indicates a strong attachment of the owner of the natal chart to the father or mentor, it is also a blessing, positive baggage from a past life;
  • the conjunction of the lord of the 9th and 5th house suggests financial income (similar meaning when connected with the lord of the 2nd or 11th house);
  • aspect of the 9th house by some benefic planet gives success in another country.

Thus, the 9th house is the face of good luck, the goodwill of fate, and knowing its nuances in a personal horoscope, you can successfully attract exceptionally favorable moments into your life.

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