6th house of the horoscope

When considering the 6th house of Jyotish, we are dealing with diseases and problems that a person may face, as well as with the work that he needs to do during his life. Work in this house is not considered a professional option of employment that brings a salary, but routine moments that are repeated in any work activity. For example, the ability to overcome difficulties and stress resistance, communication with employees, serving staff.

Also, the 6th house of Jyotish in the natal chart will tell about the possible presence of enemies and the ability to overcome conflicts that arise with them. In a general perspective, this house describes a person’s self-sacrifice, and the older a person is, the more opportunities there are to work on the house, strengthen it and improve one’s life (Upachaya principle).


  • diseases;
  • mental disorders;
  • debts;
  • credits and loans;
  • problems;
  • accidents;
  • lawsuits;
  • imprisonment;
  • anxiety;
  • scandals;
  • maintenance and service;
  • rent;
  • jurisdiction;
  • psychology;
  • appetite;
  • small animals;
  • intestines, appendix, bladder, kidneys.

The main nuances:

  1. carriers of the properties of the 6th house (karaka) are Mars, Saturn;
  2. the patron in the abstract horoscope is Virgo;
  3. a strong 6th house combined with the 10th house indicates psychologists, lawyers, medical and service workers;
  4. a favorable and strong 6th house helps to overcome enemies and climb the career ladder of the above specialties;
  5. the owner of the 6th house in his house gives the owner of the natal chart moral and physical health.


When you managed to make a horoscope online and it’s time to decipher the meaning of the houses, do not be lazy to consider each of them in detail, including all aspects. The 6th house is no exception. Information acquires more structured and understandable features if you “walk” through the planets in the house, signs and connections/aspects. Example:

  • the connection of the 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses will tell you how to make money better – by developing your own business or working for someone;
  • the connection of the 6th and 8th houses predicts the transformation of diseases into chronic ones;
  • the exchange of owners of the 6th and 7th houses indicates the possibility of divorce in the first marriage (the 6th house is the 12th from the 7th house, i.e. the house of losses for partnerships);
  • Saturn, Mars and the Sun in the 6th house give him strength. A person overcomes external obstacles, but has not very noble personal qualities.

The 6th house in Vedic astrology need not be taken as a bad thing. Also, you should not be upset if some good planets have fallen into it. Harmonization of Jyotish horoscope houses works absolutely for all 12 houses – this is a great chance to correct any situation.

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