3rd house of the horoscope

Compiling an individual horoscope without parameters of the 3rd house is not quite a complete job. This house is as important as the 11 others, but it is special in its own way and requires a must-see. In turn, the importance causes the need to harmonize the house in some cases.

Vedic natal chart online reveals the 3rd house as the house of self-expression through communication with other people/society. A detailed examination of the house in all its features describes a person’s behavior, his advantages and disadvantages when communicating with people, his attitude towards them and his family in the form of younger brothers and sisters. In addition, the planets in the 3rd house of Jyotish indicate the self-presentation of a person in society and the efforts he makes for this.


  • communications;
  • own efforts;
  • activity;
  • short trips and business trips;
  • younger brothers and sisters;
  • literary talent;
  • creativity;
  • information, mass media;
  • shoulders, throat, hands, right ear.

The main nuances:

  • carriers of the properties of the 3rd house (karakas) are Mars, Saturn, Mercury;
  • the patron in the abstract horoscope is Gemini;
  • 3rd house of the natal chart of Jyotish – during the periods/subperiods of this house, a manifestation of activity, determination, maximum communication skills, acceptance of responsibility for one’s life is required;
  • 3rd house – describes the period and communications at the age of 18-20, environment and behavior at this time.


In the birth chart, the 3rd house itself is auspicious. He will tell more than others about the personal development of a person and his ability to earn money. If there are also favorable planets in this house, the owner of the natal chart will be able to regularly improve his financial situation and take an active part in the life of society through communications at the level of intuition and easy ways. Examples of connections of the owner of the 3rd house with the owners of other houses and their interpretation in the presence of favorable connections:

  • the owner of the 3rd house in the 1st house is a strong-willed person, self-confident, decisive, with good communication skills and creative data;
  • the owner of the 3rd house in the 2nd house – great opportunities to earn money and improve your financial situation through communication with people, and it is also a deep connection with parents and younger brothers/sisters;
  • 3rd house lord in 6th house indicates possibility of enmity with younger brothers/sisters.

General recommendation: in order to most fully describe in the birth chart what the 3rd house in Jyotish is responsible for, it is necessary to take into account the location of the lord of the house, the planets and signs in this house, as well as the aspects.

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