Transits of planets

Every morning we can observe the sunrise and its movement during the day. In the evening, the Moon is replaced and also moves, just like all the other planets. Their location at the time of a person’s birth constitutes the natal chart. This is a fact that remains unchanged for this person throughout his life. Astrologers provide advice using this data. However, transits of planets also play an important role. They interact with the natal chart and activate certain events in our lives. Therefore, it is extremely important to know not only your map, the periods of the planets, but also the transits of the planets, present and future. To be able to plan your life accordingly. Preparing a sled in the summer is a classic of many ages that has come down to us and encourages us to become wiser and more knowledgeable for our own good.
On the site you will find detailed explanations of the transits of the planets and how they affect people. In a personal consultation, you can get information about how this or that transit will affect you. Although they say that the influence of transits affects only half of a person’s fate, these events bring drastic changes to the lives of each of us.
Having at least a little knowledge in Jyotish astrology, knowing your personal natal chart and comparing the position in the chart with the transits of the planets in the zodiac signs and nakshatras, you can make many correct decisions and change your life for the better. Time is fleeting. Don’t miss your chance. And with it will be extremely easy. Main wish!