Mercury retrograde 30.01.21-21.02.21

Mercury (Buddha) – the planet responsible for the spiritual world and knowledge; an indicator of the ability to learn, adapt and express oneself. Its spheres of influence are trade, communications, communications. With a favorable location of Mercury, everything that it patronizes rises, but three times a year there are retrograde periods lasting 21 days, when the influence of the planet is noticeably weakening, and its “ward” spheres are in decline. Now we are on the threshold of the first period. What features to take into account so that life does not bring an unpleasant surprise?


The period of distortion of habitual thinking, information, trade relations, communication, communication and communications. Everything important seems to disappear from view, but nothing will work without it. The sign of Aquarius will require you to claim your rights, knowledge, especially technology-oriented ones. Mercury will make sure that this is where misfires occur. The situation will be saved by planning all cases and rechecking the main aspects. It will be especially difficult for Virgo and Gemini, but in the future they will emerge victorious. Life will again become complete for all signs, stabilizing after the return of Mercury to its usual trajectory of movement.

Mercury retrograde has its favorites. These are the people who had it retrograde and in the natal chart at birth. The favor and generosity of the planet in this case increases the chances of success in various related areas. You can find out if you are one of the lucky ones by writing us a message.

What to look out for when Mercury is retrograde?

transport and travel – difficulties may arise (breakdowns, route/schedule changes, bad weather conditions, human error);
communication problems (recheck important letters, calls, and other types of communication, as regular failures are possible);
new projects – the stage of slowdown and the least activity (do not rush, because the meaning and a lot of important information may be lost);
agreements/treaties – it is optimal to postpone the signing for the period of the restoration of Mercury;
communication – various difficulties that create a tense atmosphere (you need to control yourself so as not to aggravate conflicts);
new acquaintances during this period are most often fleeting and superficial.
You should do the usual things, put things in order on the computer, on the phone, on the bookshelf and documents, use the opportunity to evaluate familiar things with a new look, choose old trusted friends for communication. Mercury encourages you to take a deep breath and focus on careful planning.


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