Retrograde Mercury 04.02.2021

Today, February 4th, Mercury retrograde enters the orbit of Capricorn. Since Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the Sun are already here, the combination causes Capricorn overload. The situations in the houses of your natal chart in which Capricorn is located will be tense. It can be a career, finances, relationships with children / with a soulmate, etc. A personal natal chart compiled by us will help you find out the position of the sign in your horoscope and describe many important moments that make up life.

It is necessary to show discipline and responsibility, try to implement a new stage / project, about which thoughts arose earlier, but there was no time for implementation. Capricorn also symbolizes restrictions, coldness, the desire to establish the receipt of goods and services that would satisfy basic needs.

Thanks to Mars, which is in a favorable position, luck accompanies in its ward areas: construction, medicine, work of law enforcement agencies, engineering and other areas that require courage, energy, determination, willpower.

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