10th house of the horoscope

In the 10th house of the natal chart there is information about the social role and career of a person. There is information about work, career advancement, efforts made and how a person will feel in society, fulfilling his role in social implementation.

The 10th house of Jyotish will tell you how a person’s realization manifests itself and whether satisfaction will come for him as a result of the work done. It is in this house that the work intended by fate itself is hidden.

Also in this house is indicated information about the perception of a person by society. Simply put, the reputation with which the owner of the natal chart goes through life. The development of events in the house is slow, like the movement of Saturn, and together these two aspects symbolize the personal development of the individual in society and his career growth throughout his life. Special moments come during the periods / sub-periods of the ruler of the house.


  • career;
  • power;
  • Job;
  • reputation;
  • status;
  • commerce and trade;
  • public service;
  • jurisdiction;
  • knees.

Features of the 10th house of Vedic Astrology:

  1. the carriers of the properties of the 10th house (karakas) are Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury;
  2. patron in an abstract horoscope – Capricorn;
  3. planets in the 10th house indicate in which direction a person should move, which direction to choose for his development;
  4. benefic planets in the 10th house suggest that the person is engaged in trade;
  5. damaged 10th house indicates bad relations in society;
  6. problems in the areas of the 10th house are equivalent to problems with the knees and vice versa.


In the 10th house of the horoscope, for a complete picture, the characteristics of all houses are combined, directly or indirectly indicating work, career, professional abilities of a person and ways of monetary income. The combination of planets and aspects to each other is added to the meanings of the ruler and the sign of the house. Another important nuance is the periods and sub-periods of the lord of the house and the planets that are in the 10th house.

Example values:

  • the combination of the rulers of the 10th and 1st houses indicates a wealthy prosperous person with a high level of wealth;
  • the owner of the house in his place – a person has positive characteristics and has the knowledge and resources for any type of activity.

To fill the 10th house of Jyotish with positive energy, one should take a responsible attitude to work, provide assistance in society to those who need it, and show respect for everyone with whom one has to deal with during career growth.

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