8th house of the horoscope

The 8th house of Jyotish is considered the most occult and mystical house of the natal chart. Astrologers, considering it, can tell about the life span of a person, his sexual energy and the spiritual transformations that a person had to go through.

This house will tell about a person’s attitude to other people and will be able to reveal information about how much he allows to interfere in his personal space and how much he accepts the influence of others.

An online personal horoscope with a strong 8th house will indicate the financial condition of partners – a spouse (for example, his income, alimony after a divorce) or business colleagues.

The 8th house teaches to overcome obstacles through emotional outbursts, encourages growth through difficulties and even some hardships.


  • longevity;
  • chronic diseases;
  • secrets;
  • failures;
  • inheritance;
  • sexuality;
  • intuition;
  • craving for astrology, psychology;
  • insurance;
  • external sex organs.


  1. the carrier of the properties of the 8th house (karaka) is Saturn;
  2. patron in an abstract horoscope – Scorpio;
  3. the house is unfavorable, therefore it is good when it is empty;
  4. when located in the 8th house, any planets have a negative impact on them (there are exceptions) and their ward houses;
  5. a strong 8th house with Saturn indicates that a person has a large resource of vitality and longevity.


The interpretation of the 8th house of the natal chart revolves around the occult, increased intuition, sexual energy and the financial situation of partners.

It is believed that afflicted planets in this house shorten life expectancy and suggest the presence of chronic diseases. A person may be emotionally unstable, but through these throwing he achieves personal and financial growth.

A full description of the house takes into account all the planets, signs, their relationship and aspects. Examples of the nuances of deciphering the 8th house of Vedic astrology:

  • benefic planets in the 8th house promote financial well-being (winning the lottery, inheritance, sudden wealth);
  • the owner of the 8th house in the 2nd will talk about financial and family troubles;
  • if the lord of the 8th house is located in the 7th – the likelihood of two marriages and problems with sexual satisfaction;
  • 8th lord in 12th house indicates longevity.

An online natal chart will be most complete when the meanings of all houses are intertwined, and the information obtained as a result of considering aspects and connections is reduced to a single denominator of personality.

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