Libra (Tula)

Ruler planet – Venus

Movable (cardinal) sign

The energy of material nature (gunas) – passion (rajas)

Element – air

Caste – vaishyas

Ayurvedic type – vata

Gender – male

Kalapurusha – lower abdomen, internal genitals

Nakshatras in Libra:

  • 0°00´-06°40´ (female) – Ruler Mars, Chitra Nakshatra
  • 06 ° 40´-20 ° 00´ (female) – the ruler of Rahu, the nakshatra of Swati
  • 20°00´-30°00´ (female) – ruler Jupiter, Vishakha nakshatra

Exaltation: Saturn 20°

Debilitation: Sun 10°

Mulatrikona: Venus (0-15°)

The air sign Libra tacitly belongs to the favorites of society – it is easy to be friends with him, have fun, communicate, seek compromise solutions and try to maintain harmony.

The fact is that the ruler of Libra is Venus, who loves beauty, honors love and good mood. These are people with a sense of taste and dignity, polite, with a gentle character and active initiative proposals. It is so conceived by the Universe that representatives of the sign often become exactly those who reconcile the warring or conflicting parties, select words to console or resolve difficult situations. Libra has a developed sense of justice, and they can only fully express themselves in the case of partnership with someone.

The main tasks of the representatives of this sign is the manifestation of diplomatic abilities, so you should not avoid them if Libra suddenly finds himself in the center of a whirlpool of passions. Ease and flexibility will help to find the right solution, but if a person specifically does not want to involve himself in difficulties, he will certainly be punished by the planets for inconsistency with karma.

People born under the sign of Libra love fun activities, meetings with friends, gatherings and walks. Creative activities also resonate in their soul. On bad days, Libra shows whims, can be offended by the whole world and refuse to make decisions, referring to dozens of excuses. The characterization of the sign of Libra would not be complete without an important observation: they have a double personality, which sometimes often gives in to fluctuations and contradicts itself.

Characteristics of Libra

Sociability, kindness, gentleness, artistry, speed, changeability, justice, inconstancy, absent-mindedness.

Strengths: the ability to solve any situation with the least loss, ease, the ability to see the outcome of the situation from different angles, a high level of openness and communication with different types of people.

Weaknesses: indecisiveness, shallow analysis of a problem or situation, fussiness, quick loss of interest, excessive desire for beautiful, tasty and everything that Venus rules.

Recommendations: you should learn to concentrate, plan your life, complete tasks in order of importance, finish what you started, try to be above the craving for pleasure.

Areas of activity for proper implementation: trade, social activities, cosmetics, hotel administrators, design, entertainment and creative professions.

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