1st house of the horoscope

1st house (TANU-BHAVA): personality, appearance, self-esteem

The meaning of the first house of the natal chart in Vedic astrology reflects the state of the Soul and its desires at the time of a person’s birth. This house can also be called Ascendant, Lagna or the house where the Ascendant stands, because it most fully and informatively reveals the characteristics of the personality and gives an opportunity to describe the appearance of a person and his health.


  • appearance and physical data;
  • represents the head, brain, vision;
  • health, immunity;
  • temperament, character;
  • habits;
  • self-esteem and its manifestation, sense of self-worth;
    characteristics of opportunities in life, human potential.


  • carriers of the properties of the 1st house (karakas) are: Sun, Moon and Mars;
  • the patron in the abstract horoscope is Aries, which has a fiery nature;
  • The 1st house is considered the house of dharma, which is responsible for the purpose of life.


To understand the meaning of one house in a particular person’s natal chart, it is worth carefully considering the meaning of the sign-patron, the planet-host of the house and the location of the Sun. In addition, connections with other houses play a big role, for example:

  • with the 2nd house – the possibility of wealth;
  • with the 6th house – probability of diseases;
  • with the 9th house – the presence of processed karma, high spirituality, etc.

The online natal chart reveals the 1st house as auspicious, with a lively life energy aimed at the possibility of prosperity. The owner of this house in other houses will also indicate exactly those areas that are relevant for a person and are meant to provide assistance for life achievements and processing of karma from past incarnations.

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