Horoscope house

Horoscope houses in Vedic astrology are a conditional division of the zodiac circle, which is equal to 360 °, into 12 signs of 30 °, that is, there are 12 houses, and each of them is ruled by one of the zodiac signs. The 1st house for a particular person will be at the point located in the east at the time of his birth. On average, the signs of the zodiac change every 2 hours, so a complete change of all signs takes place in a 24-hour day.

Signs give us an idea of a person’s appearance, his personality, desires and ambitions. By examining them, you can find out how a person manifests himself among others and how others perceive him because of such behavior. Houses have their own meanings – they characterize certain spheres of life, personalities and moments. In turn, the owners of the houses of the natal chart manage the houses – they have an additional influence on the fate/life of a person. The hosts are the patron planets of the zodiac signs in the houses of the horoscope.