Gemini (Mithuna)

Ruler planet – Mercury

Dual (mutable) sign

The energy of material nature (gunas) – goodness (sattva)

Element – air

Caste – vaishyas

Ayurvedic type – vata

Gender – male

Kalapurusha – neck, throat, collarbones, arms

Nakshatras in Gemini:

  • 0°00´-06°40´ (genderless) – Ruler Mars, Nakshatra Mrigashira
  • 06°40´-20°00´ (female) – ruler of Rahu, nakshatra Ardra
  • 20°00´-30°00´ (male) – lord Jupiter, nakshatra Punarvasu

Exaltation: no planets

Debilitation: no planets

Mulatrikona: no planets

Gemini is a dual air sign ruled by Mercury. These are extremely fickle people who are filled with change. Never in their lives will Gemini sit in an office doing routine work. They will most likely change 5-10 jobs. When you take Gemini into a team, be prepared to entrust such a person with work that concerns movement, communications, contacts, and relocations. Only in this scenario will you get a really good specialist who will grow and develop over time, achieving new heights for the team as a whole.

The nature of Gemini is often fussy. They can start a lot of things and not finish everything. When interest is lost, Gemini will not continue what they started.

Characteristics of Gemini

Kind, funny, eloquent, sociable, quick-witted, curious and easy to communicate with. But at the same time superficial, indecisive, disorganized.

Strengths: they adapt to new conditions faster than others, they can easily find a common language with people and convey information in an accessible way, they are capable of learning, they have an excellent sense of humor.

Weaknesses: it is difficult to concentrate on one thing, there is a constant desire to do everything at once, as a result, too many things are never completed. They annoy themselves with their fussiness and tendency to miss important details.

Recommendations: plan your life. Striving for a conscious life. At the same time, be sure to slow down the pace, for better concentration on the really important details. To study the heritage of the sages, thereby giving food to the restless mind.

Areas of activity for proper implementation: intellectual professions related to the world of art – poetry, drama, music. Journalism, advertising, translation, publication of printed materials. Actors, comedians, presenters, announcers, speakers. Transport, communication, delivery, logistics, tourism.

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