12th house of the horoscope

The 12th house is considered to be the most dangerous and energy-consuming. If any planet falls into it, it will lose that power, which is the pride of the planet. Often this house warns of situations related to places of deprivation of liberty – not only prisons, but also hospitals or monasteries, where a person is left alone with himself, without freedom, in conditions of restrictions.

In the natal chart, the 12th house is logically located last. Similarly, in the life cycle of a person, this house occupies the final position in the cycle. It is as if he begins the transfer of the soul to another world: it isolates from society, describes the existing karma, the subconscious and the peace of mind acquired as a result of the hardships passed. Hence, another meaning of the 12th house is yoga and meditation, the uncontrolled subconscious.


  • losses;
  • restrictions;
  • embezzlement;
  • sorrow;
  • disappointment;
  • imprisonment;
  • monastery;
  • hospital;
  • brothel;
  • yoga;
  • unconscious;
  • charity;
  • poverty;
  • sexual pleasures;
  • other countries;
  • feet, left eye.

Features of the 12th house of Jyotish:

  1. the bearer of the properties of the 12th house (karaka) is Saturn;
  2. patron in an abstract horoscope – Pisces;
  3. the owner of the house in his place allows a person to go along the path of spiritual purification and clear karma, it is easy to save money;
  4. the afflicted 12th house gives a tough character and a cold heart;
  5. strengthening of the 12th house occurs in connection with the 6th and 8th houses.


By itself, the 12th house is viewed through the prism of connections with other houses, the location in the natal chart of its owner and the zodiac sign in the house. The network of “contacts” between the houses indicates what points need to be worked out in order to harmonize the 12th house and one’s positive karma, i.e. close attention is paid to these connections and their analysis is done.

Examples of connections in the 12th house:

  • the combination of the rulers of the 12th and 2nd houses indicates income from cooperation with foreigners;
  • the lord of the 12th house in the 3rd describes a selfish person who tries hard to gain stability in life and excludes communication with relatives;
  • the interchange between the 12th and 5th house indicates the presence of problems with children.

The minimum harmonization of this house for a person with harmful planets in the house will be built around the exclusion of contacts with large animals, communication with their inner self and foot massage. If there are benefic planets in the 12th house, large animals will bring good luck.

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