Pisces (Mina)

Ruler planet – Jupiter

Dual (mutable) sign

The energy of material nature (gunas) – goodness (sattva)

Element – water

Caste (varna) – Brahmins

Ayurvedic type – kapha

Female gender

Kalapurusha – feet, left eye, blood

Nakshatras in Pisces:

  • 0°00´-03°20´ (male) – Ruler Jupiter, nakshatra Purva Bhadrapada
  • 03°20´-16°40´ (male) – ruler Saturn, nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada
  • 16°40´-30°00´ (female) – Ruler Mercury, Nakshatra Revati

Exaltation: Venus 27°

Debilitation: Mercury 15°

Mulatrikona: no planets

Innate psychological abilities allow Pisces to be very different people. They can try on any sign of the zodiac and live in it. They can be small fish, or they can become sharks. They often like to get depressed. With the development of the Sattva guna, they can go into meditation, and with the development of the Rajas and especially the Tamas guna – into alcohol and drug addiction. They do not have a great lust for life. From the side it seems that they came into this world to watch the last episode of the series called Life and leave.

The main karmic task is to choose a direction in life for this incarnation, to show your skills and talents, to find a balance between the spiritual and the material.

Characteristics of Pisces

Modesty, benevolence, receptivity, sensitivity, wisdom, compassion, emotionality, intuitiveness, mystery, indecision.

Strengths: rich imagination, wisdom. They are able to heal both the body and the soul of other people. Innate ability to meditate. They feel other people very well on an intuitive level.

Weaknesses: strong tendency to self-sacrifice. Everyone is taken to heart, sensitive and emotional, can literally live in their fantasies, while losing themselves in the service of others. They fall under the influence of others, often negative. They don’t know how to say no to people.

Recommendations: learn to refuse people, especially when they become impudent or want to drag you into a dubious situation. Find a mentor, meditate and study the scriptures in depth. Study psychology.

Areas of activity for proper implementation: Everything related to water: sailors, fishermen, car washes, swimming pools, saunas, tourism. Writers, composers, artists, astrologers, psychologists, philosophers, thinkers. Doctors and nurses.

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