Aries (Mesha)

Ruler planet – Mars

Movable (cardinal) sign

The energy of material nature (gunas) – passion (rajas)

Element – fire

Caste – Kshatriyas

Ayurvedic type – pitta

Gender – male

Kalapurusha – head, mind, brain

Nakshatras in Aries:

  • 0°00´-13°20´ (male) is the ruler of Ketu, Ashvini nakshatra.
  • 13°20´-26°40´ (female) – ruler Venus, nakshatra Bharani
  • 26°40´-30°00´ (female) – the ruler of the Sun, the nakshatra of Krittika.

Exaltation: Sun (10°)

Debilitation: Saturn (20°)

Mulatrikona: Mars (0-12°)

Aries is a sign endowed with incredible power of activity and energy. He takes on the mission of a pioneer, a warrior who goes to his goal and does not pay attention to those around him. Representatives of this sign are always visible in the company, society. Incredible charisma and inner strength come from them, combined with incredible confidence in themselves and their words.

Indeed, Aries is known for his pride and determination, there is little that can stop him if he has set himself any goal. Such people are pushed forward by the courage that flows through the veins along with the blood, and an independent character. Aries’ thinking is designed to implement a certain strategy, and insight helps him to confidently follow the right path to achieve his goals. It is worth noting that the sign perfectly motivates others, lights a fire in them, but he himself prefers to limit it, not really bothering with the nuances of the embodiment of his ideas. And why, if there are other signs that seem to be created specifically for such cases? For example, Capricorn or Virgo.

Aries characteristic:

Decisiveness, energy, initiative, independence, irritability, impulsiveness, self-confidence, impatience, rudeness, stubbornness, selfishness, charisma.

Strengths: the ability to take the initiative, motivate others, the desire for development, responsibility for the obligations assumed, managerial abilities, enthusiasm.

Weaknesses: impatience, rudeness, frequent loss of self-control, increased tendency to conflict, the desire to dominate in any relationship, ignoring rest and breaks at work.

Recommendations: development of self-control, increase in personal responsibility, respect for the opinions of other people, planning of working time and rest, introspection of one’s emotions.

Areas of activity for proper implementation: military, entrepreneurs, businessmen with real power, powerful legal entities, firefighters, dentists, agriculture, firearms, fertilizers, surgeons, owners of gambling establishments, athletes outside of team sports.

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