Zodiac signs

Vedic Astrology Jyotish can most accurately describe a person. There are many techniques and mechanisms in this science. One of the main ones is the division of the day into twelve signs of the zodiac. For those who are new to astrology, it will be clear why so many different people are born on the same day. Even twins can be more or less alike.

So, knowing the time of birth on a specific day, we can clearly calculate which zodiac sign a person belongs to. The name of the zodiac signs comes from the zodiac constellations. What constellation was in the east at the time of birth, the representative of that sign was born. Having this information, we can better understand both ourselves and those around us, relatives, relatives, work or study colleagues. Each zodiac sign has its ruler, who makes corrections to a person’s appearance, fate and character. Its location in the natal chart brings the first clarity during the analysis. And then everything is according to the notes. Study astrology independently or with a mentor, or can you order a consultation? Make a choice, take your place in this world and live happily!