Vedic astrology

Welcome to our library of materials. It contains basic information about the astrological aspects of Jyotish in a convenient and understandable form even for a beginner. In simple words and examples, we explain:

  • what are horoscope houses;
  • what are the signs of the zodiac;
  • what does the characteristic of this or that sign depend on;
  • how the position of the planets in the houses affects the personality;
  • what kind of karma can a person have;
  • how to work off karma and live in harmony with yourself and the outside world.

Of course, after carefully studying the materials, you will be able to find answers to deeper questions, including about personal relationships, purpose and financial characteristics of the individual.

Studying the full cycle of materials will allow you to make a personal horoscope, since the standard astrologer consultation online is based on the basic information presented in the library.

We invite you to discover the secrets of Vedic astrology together with Astrotranzit!

  • Zodiac signs

    Zodiac signs

    Vedic Astrology Jyotish can most accurately describe a person. There are many techniques and mechanisms in this science. One of the main ones is the division of the day into twelve signs of the zodiac. For those who are new to astrology, it will be clear why so many different people are born on the…

  • Horoscope house

    Horoscope house

    Horoscope houses in Vedic astrology are a conditional division of the zodiac circle, which is equal to 360 °, into 12 signs of 30 °, that is, there are 12 houses, and each of them is ruled by one of the zodiac signs. The 1st house for a particular person will be at the point…