Parade of planets in Aquarius

Some might think that on February 11, luck smiled broadly on him, but looking at the sky gives rise to an indisputable fact – the planets converged today!

In the morning, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, which will occur right before sunrise, will give powerful energy, so necessary to achieve your goals. With the Moon, Sun, Mercury retrograde and Saturn already in Aquarius, the day is perfect for starting updates and moving forward powerfully.

The accompanying role is played by the new moon. The Moon in Aquarius will force a vivid display of emotions, which will lead to frequent mood swings. However, in a general perspective, it will be optimistic, upbeat and pushing for accomplishments. Aquarius will want change, progress, socialization and fulfillment. This suggests that you can, with a clear conscience, take on interesting new things and count on luck. But it is better to postpone the drawing up of plans until a more appropriate moment.

In order not to miss the luck, at the direction of Saturn, who tirelessly monitors the activities of everyone and the issuance of well-deserved punishments, one should follow the sequence of actions, conduct an adequate assessment, show responsibility and clarity of thoughts.

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