The last week of February and winter will not be difficult. The stars are arranged in such a way that a personal horoscope makes it easy to implement your plans, build trusting warm relationships and succeed in your field of making money. There are some aspects for every day, listening to which, you improve the quality of life. Let’s consider them.

February 21-23 – The moon sets in Libra – a sign of constant internal fluctuations and a desire not to feel negative towards yourself. These days, all the signs of the zodiac show difficulties in choosing: at home, at work, in relationships, even when buying products in a store, Libra’s fluctuations can appear at the most inopportune moment. It is worth thinking not only about yourself and your position, but also take into account the wishes and thoughts of others. Compromise in this case will be the best solution, but really important decisions must be postponed for other days.
For emotional complacency and putting thoughts in order, it is recommended to engage in creative activities, a favorable time for everything related to the beauty industry.

February 23-25 – the period of influence of Scorpio. Of course, this is the intensity of emotions, explosive moments, constant experiences, some aggressiveness and a desire to express everything that has accumulated inside. To avoid bad situations at work and at home, be sure to control your thoughts and words and show respect for other people. To get rid of negativity, it is recommended to drink plenty of pure water.
In the days of Scorpio, pay attention to planning, sports, gaining new knowledge, listen to your intuition more often, let us make a personal horoscope.

February 25-27 – The Moon will settle in the sign of Sagittarius, which will certainly require freedom and generosity in relation to everything that comes into contact in life. There is a desire to make new acquaintances, communicate with friends, implement the conceived plans for work, but you can’t spray it all together, because the energy will quickly run out of nowhere.
It is worth controlling the emerging need to express all thoughts directly and without a sense of tact. Time is favorable for travel, business trips and other matters related to the expansion of the existing life framework.

February 27 – the transition of the Moon into the sign of Capricorn. On this day, there is a change in the rules that have developed over the week: feelings and emotions no longer break out, but huge ambitions at work and at home appear. You will want everything to follow your plans and words, you will need to redo or rebuild something for maximum satisfaction and convenience. This will be hindered by internal stiffness and little talkativeness, stubbornness and excessive self-control. Especially the problem concerns household chores, which should not be done so that discord does not occur.
On Sunday, devote time to self-development, consider unfinished real estate issues and listen to advice from people important to you.

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