On March 7-8, the Moon transits through the sign of Aries. Everyone will have to experience a high level of tension and irritability. In relationships with others, it is worth constantly restraining yourself so as not to cause conflicts. You can not take any criticism, give all sorts of advice and comments of a negative connotation.

For a calm and peaceful existence, you must always remember that other people have the right to their opinions and actions. Stress levels can be reduced through intense physical activity and the accomplishment of tasks and goals that are achieved in a short, tight time frame.

From March 8 to March 10, we will be under the influence of Taurus. It will help to calm emotions and look around. Desires to stop, eat and have a good rest will prevail. A side effect for many will be the manifestation of stubbornness. You want to defend your own, your own comfort zone and homeliness. Time to recharge and recharge with positive thoughts.

Auspicious days for real estate transactions, home improvement, family communication and romantic relationships.

March 10-13 will be the days of increased desire to communicate. Everything related to communications will be obtained – advertising, agreements, coordination of various aspects, etc. The inner strength of the spirit and mood acquire a positive charge and lead to attention to many things at once. Here it is worth understanding that in order to effectively solve problems, you need to make efforts to focus on certain goals, so think carefully before diving headlong into constant communication, discussions and taking on a million things.

The general trend for the current week makes it possible to draw up a personal horoscope. It will provide personalized advice and features that bring clarity to your life. We are ready to cover it with clear and simple descriptions. Write to us.

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