An emotional week that will turn out to be positive enough for life changes and personal growth. The moon will pass through signs that require a rethinking of oneself and relationships with others, but at the same time it will force one to control feelings and emotions as much as possible so as not to get into unpleasant situations.

The moon in Scorpio from June 12 to 14 inflames the emotional sphere to the limit and deepens into the inner world. This manifests itself in strong feelings, stress, feelings of loneliness, the need to find out one’s place in the lives of other people and order a personal horoscope in order to get on the right path in life. It is not recommended to succumb to provocations, take part in quarrels and allow yourself excessive distrust of the actions of others.

Ideally, if on these days you can allocate time to replenish spiritual knowledge and creative pursuits. You should definitely control all your words, especially with elements of criticism or discontent.

The moon in Sagittarius from June 14 to 16 opens the horizons – you want to travel, have more freedom, and also give up restrictions and prohibitions. Sagittarius will literally try to prove itself in everything as a direct and unobjectionable sign, so you should try to take into account the fact that people around you have other thoughts and opinions that may be radically opposite to yours. Let them exercise their right to exist and do not chop off someone else’s vision of the world from the shoulder.

The next transit of the Moon is through Capricorn from June 16 to 18. This strict sign will wish to remake everything for itself for a more practical lifestyle. He will not allow feelings and emotions to manifest, he will push them to the last plan and begin to restore order, as well as establish rules. Surrounding, according to Capricorn, should do the same, if this does not happen – the situation in the family will heat up in its most difficult angles. Let family life and personal relationships during the days of this transit go according to a rolled-out scenario, it is better to devote time to achieving your goals and planning future goals.

From June 18 to June 20, the Moon passes the sign of Aquarius. We will feel the need for non-interference in personal space, we will pay attention to everything bright, unusual, symbolizing freedom and self-expression. Many will prefer communication with like-minded people without limiting the inner self, work on themselves and a look into the future. Auspicious days for various projects, ideas and events.

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