On the evening of June 20, the Moon moves into the sign of Pisces ♓️ and will be there until the early morning of June 23. This is a busy period when strong emotions and feelings rage inside everyone. Most people will have a desire to plunge into their world and go out into reality only to communicate with very close friends, relatives with whom there is a spiritual connection.
🔹 There will be regret about the past, thoughts about injustice towards oneself, attention and just a warm attitude will not be enough.
🔹 The environment with others can be described as friendly, without the manifestation of negativity. A good time to complete all the work you have started and mentally prepare for the start of new ones.
🔹 To restore harmony, it is worth taking a walk in nature or relaxing by a calm pond.
🔹 A good period for lawsuits, travel, relevant advice and recommendations from influential people.

From June 23 to 25, a busy time is expected under the influence of Aries ♈️. It will bring emotional tension and conflict, increase impulsivity and force you to respond with rude words.
🔹 Many will lose self-control in the most harmless situations, but sometimes forced sharpness and determination will help push difficult problems to the final completion.
🔹 To stabilize moral and physical health, it is recommended to engage in active sports and allocate time for proper sleep.
🔹 Good days for major purchases, travel and various commercial activities.

On June 25, in the afternoon, Taurus ♉️ takes patronage. Its influence relieves tension and gives emotionally long-awaited peace.
🔹 Earthiness and homeliness – everything you want until June 28th. It is recommended to enjoy the tranquility and do the usual household chores.
🔹 You should not give maximum effort to work, try to improve things in the business area and conduct negotiations / transactions. An exception is issues related to land, land plots, etc.

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