The Moon in Leo ♌️ will be from July 3rd until the middle of the day on July 5th. These days you want to show yourself, your ego and your peculiarity as much as possible. We will be too reverent about everything that is connected with our personality, and stop any attempts to encroach on our dignity.
On Monday and Tuesday, you should not criticize others – they will not put up with negative energy in their direction, giving rise to a high probability of conflict. Just try to understand that people have the right to their own opinion and actions in life.
It is recommended that you take responsibility for moving up the career ladder and move forward as much as possible, attend various events to show yourself, interact with authoritative people, and find ways to increase your reputation.

From July 5 to the evening of July 7, the Moon passes through the sign of Virgo ♍️. For two and a half days, we will have to unwittingly notice the mistakes of others, which previously did not matter. For example, a colleague did not replace the cup, one of the family members did not throw away the missing product, someone with whom they arranged a meeting was late for it. There can be a lot of such nuances, and the more you turn yourself on, the more you will notice them.
Recommendation: be patient and try to direct all the energy that goes into “nitpicking” to others to improve yourself. Take care of, if it has long been required, checking / reconciliation at work, general cleaning, putting things in order in the space where you have to visit most often.

From July 7 to July 10, transit through the sign of Libra ♎️. The inner desire for harmony will make a projection on the outside world – you don’t want conflicts, misunderstandings and other problematic issues. On an unconscious level, we will choose compromises and justice. The downside of transit will be constant fluctuations in one direction or another, not only in deeds and deeds, but also in thoughts. In such cases, it is better to make a choice that is closer to yourself. It will allow you to get closer to peace of mind and not make yourself worse in the future, when the Moon is ruled by Scorpio.

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