Secrets of the 12 houses of the natal chart: what our destiny consists of

The location of the planets in the starry sky at the time of a person’s birth can be transferred to a personal map by distributing it by house. After that, we have a clear guide to what a person should do and what to avoid. For example, from an early age, it is already clear which circle to send the child to and which talents should be developed, one can also see the future partner, job, income.

There are 12 houses in the natal chart, which in Vedic astrology is considered a complete reflection of a person, his external and internal world, destiny. Each of them is responsible for a certain sphere of life:

  1. This is a person’s personality (physical data, character, innate constitution, behavior, health, social status, etc.).
  2. Material condition, family, sight, language.
  3. Environment and family ties, style of thoughts, ability to learn, courage, courage.
  4. Home, comfort, relatives, reasons for inner happiness, connection with mother, means of transportation, real estate.
  5. Children (female planets indicate the birth of a girl and vice versa), romantic relationships, mental abilities and education.
  6. Diseases, enemies and obstacles. Internal strength.
  7. Partnerships and marriages, sexual activity, emigration.
  8. Spiritual rebirth, karmic tasks, longevity, chronic diseases, inheritance, anxiety in intimate life.
  9. Religiosity, debt, father, integrity, ability to make friends, successful marriage and marriage partnership.
  10. Career, profession, authority, power, position in society.
  11. Influence, fast money, goals, influential friends, windfalls, ambitions.
  12. Expenses, unhappiness, trips abroad, sexual satisfaction, isolation, asceticism, hospital.

These are short descriptions of the main information contained in each house. Just a couple of values that characterize the house in general. The real natal chart of a particular person contains more complete, detailed, with hints about how to live and what to do. Would you like to know about your natal chart/card of a relative?

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