What does the Moon and the Sun mean in the natal chart

We dream of a favorable life, but often do not understand how to make it such, and not vice versa to aggravate. Vedic astrology provides detailed answers on this topic. Everything lies in the natal chart – the basis of Jyotish, where everyone can find for themselves the displayed aspects that require attention and elaboration. After their stabilization, the quality of life will certainly change for the better, and karmic tasks will be marked “Completed”.

The Moon (Chandra) occupies the main place in the natal chart – it controls the inner Self and the mind, affects the person’s perception of himself. To harmonize the Moon, if necessary, requires meditation, fasting on Mondays and the indispensable stabilization of relations with the mother. Otherwise, a person will have to experience discomfort due to infantilism and mental hesitation due to the variability of judgments.

The Sun (Surya) shows the inner essence (Soul) in the natal chart, is an indicator of energy and character. Accordingly, a strong Sun charges with vitality, and a weak one “rewards” with arrogance, selfishness, and excessive pride. Harmonization of the Sun, according to Jyotish, is achieved along with the establishment and observance of the daily regimen, and the stabilization of relations with the father also plays a huge role.

The planets take on other responsibilities, each their own, and these too can be harmonized. In order not to overload the post with information, we will discuss this in the next publication.

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