Monday, January 16 begins under the influence of the energy of Libra ♎️. It is in this constellation that the Moon will be located for another day. There is a desire to avoid conflicts, a good mood is maintained and a refusal to accept bad news is felt.

💫 Most of us will try to increase our contacts with others, go out into the world to feel part of it. You will have to spend the most effort on Monday when you need to make an important decision, because Libra is the sign that always has doubts and hesitates under any pressure. In this connection, mood swings are possible.

💫 A good time for: creativity, urgent matters, public and social employment, attending events, starting treatment, rest and communication.

On the morning of Tuesday, January 17, the perception of the world changes towards the negative. The reason for this is the transit of the Moon in the sign of Scorpio ♏️. Horoscope Jyotish always draws attention to the fact that Scorpio is a mystical sign with a deep inner spectrum of experiences. Its energy awakens the intuition, causes various suspicions and prompts the understanding of all the moments that at different times had an impact on a person’s life.

💫 The mood in the days of Scorpio is unbalanced, there is an instant reaction to criticism, there is a desire to separate from others in order to freely rethink life and draw certain conclusions. At the same time, we have warlike motives inspired by Mars. In order not to provoke conflicts, it is necessary to reduce expectations from people, accept their point of view and refuse criticism by introducing strict self-discipline.

💫 A good time to form professional connections, personal (intimate) relationships, travel, visit a psychologist.

On Thursday and Friday, we open our heart and mind to new knowledge and experience to a greater extent. Communication is successful, ambitions make themselves felt, and it is not known where the optimism came from. It is impossible to close yourself in some framework, because the soul needs activity and movement.

💫 From the negative aspects, it is possible to increase nervous tension or despondency, spraying on many things at once, which as a result leads to a rapid loss of strength.

It is recommended to plan new affairs, long trips, scientific and intellectual work, appeals to government authorities, expanding the circle of communication, visits to the hospital, sports and artistic activities. The best advice is to find a spiritual mentor for yourself, who will help you walk the path of life correctly.

Saturday and Sunday are a time for rest, but this weekend may be tainted by the not quite domestic influence of Capricorn ♑️, through which the Moon will pass. Capricorn in Vedic astrology is oriented towards professional achievements, order and cleanliness, so at home it needs the same improved atmosphere adapted for practical life. Unfortunately, not all family members want this, so if you feel the urge to improve the family structure, quickly quell it with the help of spiritual practices, health exercises, communication with relatives.

🎯 As you can see, Sunday will be balanced and equally full. This January horoscope deals with the general situations and moods that will prevail over the next seven days, but there are also sign-specific aspects. Are you an Aries? Lion? Pisces or someone else? Write in personal messages to make an individual horoscope or hear the answer to your important question.

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