The active beginning of the week is associated with the Moon in Aries ♈️. Here she found her militant energy and charged many not only with the desire to move mountains, but also to give someone a loud slap in the face or throw a grandiose scandal. Indeed, you need to be careful with Aries, otherwise you will have to rake up the consequences of short-sighted emotional actions for a very long time. In simple terms, avoid conflict and help keep the peace.

Of the positive characteristics of Monday and Tuesday: the desire to independently break the tormenting shackles and breathe in the air of complete self-realization and success. Plans, goals should be outlined, mentally allocate time and with a confident gait go towards accomplishments. Remember? Calmly, without criticism, conflicts and emotions.

On Tuesday afternoon, tired of excessive activity, the Universe will allow you to rest, letting the energy of the home sign pass through itself – the Moon in Taurus ♉️ safely helps in restoring spent moral and physical strength. Some fluctuation of the usually measured lunar days in Taurus will occur on December 8, at the FULL MOON.

On this day, it is better not to do anything important. Most likely, due to heavenly reasons, it will not be possible to show any activity on November 7-8. The moon fills with regularity with bursts of sharp nervous tension, so a conscious perception of reality and one’s inner state will help not to fall into despair and not create a parallel vision of ordinary things.

Under the influence of the Moon in Taurus, we awaken a craving for home, family, a cozy world without fuss. Delicious food, sweets, desserts, pastries, work with the interior and design of the house are welcome. It is necessary to make purchases carefully – Taurus is still a spender, especially if he sees those useful and beautiful things for the house.

From 9 to 11 December we go out! Moon in Gemini ♊️ calls for communication and new acquaintances. Golden time for advertisers, employees of marketing and communications, mass media. It is recommended to monitor your behavior and not waste yourself right and left, forgetting about time and internal resources. Numerous contacts and conversations about nothing can lead to emotional burnout. It is better to plan the day well and not get carried away with all the incoming information. There’s too much of her!

In the natal chart, there may be indications of the influence Gemini has on a person and a specific area of \u200b\u200bhis life. People who have a high probability of such an influence should be especially careful during the days of the transit of the Moon in the sign. Focus only on the really important things.

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