Monday 21 November is a pretty positive start to the week. It begins under the auspices of Libra ♎️ and promises success in matters related to art, creativity, trade, social activities, partnerships. Also a good continuation will find personal relationships and romantic connections.

When the Moon makes a transit through Libra, you want more communication, beauty and harmony. On the other hand, mental fluctuations are often observed, which sometimes unbalance. People with aspects to this sign, and its planets, from the outside may seem absolutely happy and smiling, but as soon as they are alone with themselves, they remove their “secular face” and frown their foreheads from various thoughts. Inside, they have storms of hesitation and worries due to the inconsistency of the world with invented ideals, it becomes difficult to make a decision, especially an important one, on which something depends.

Keep calm within yourself, do not sort things out, do not succumb to the bad influence of other people.

There are legends about the Moon in Scorpio ♏️, and it will go there at noon on November 23rd. Let’s write together in the comments the character traits of Scorpio in order to collectively figure out what the general characteristics can be on November 23, 24 and half of November 25. Beware, the sign is not simple – it turns the soul, breaks the roof and exposes the nerves.

After lunch on November 25, we come to our senses and turn on the activity mode:
💫 immediately plan where to go/ride/fly/sail away;
💫 sign up for self-development/professional courses;
💫 we meditate / do yoga / carefully listen to our guru;
💫 plan and set new goals;
💫 We actively communicate with people and make acquaintances.

With a strong zeal for goals / ideals, Sagittarius endows people with faith in themselves. It is recommended not to blindly trust this feeling, but to weigh all the components, listen to intuition. You can not give free rein to criticism, give the maximum amount of your energy, fiercely defend your point of view. The world already knows how everything will turn out in the future, trust it and take all the best that the Universe has to offer.

P.S. Do not forget about the characteristics of Scorpio in order to get a complete picture of the horoscope. Have a bright week everyone!

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