Early Monday morning we switched to the energy of the emotional and impressionable Cancer ♋️. In general terms, his days portend mental hesitation and a desire to receive as much attention and care as possible. In the same way, we want to patronize others, give them maximum energy. At the same time, it is better not to expect reciprocity and not close in on yourself if you can’t wait.

The Moon in Cancer makes us touchy, receptive and often forces us to look into such inner depths that sometimes you can get to the earliest childhood insults. Do not follow her lead, so as not to create mental discomfort for yourself.

The study of negative moments, mental hesitation and financial problems during the days of the transit of the Moon in Cancer occurs due to a good respectful attitude towards women and children. Positive energy helps to overcome difficulties and achieve the desired results in women’s professions. Another recommendation to relieve nervous tension is pleasant purchases for the home. Good days for establishing family relationships, home gatherings with relatives, meetings with friends.

In the afternoon of November 16, as well as November 17 and 18, we get a unique chance to show ourselves, our skills and take one step, and maybe more, closer to our goals and dreams. Leo ♌️ influences the ego to the maximum, pushes to open up and would like everyone around to listen to him, like subjects in a cartoon about the King of Beasts. If this does not happen, we may become angry at the perpetrators of what is happening, although there are quite affordable ways to maintain wonderful, beneficial relationships with everyone.

💫 So, it is recommended to pay attention to creativity, immerse yourself in the elements of sports, physical achievements, cultural events, fun, holidays, solemn ceremonies receive a good response.

💫 Proper organization of the workflow will bring a lot of benefits. This will lead to his effectiveness and the possibility of moving up the career ladder. Teamwork should be avoided so that in the end everyone does not try to be better than others, causing negativity. An ideal time to look for partners, make new business acquaintances, expand your circle of friends, buy expensive jewelry, visit fine restaurants and… propose a hand and heart. First you need to make a personal horoscope, which will give confidence in the planned actions 😉.

November 19 begins with the transit of the Moon in Virgo ♍️. According to the classics of the genre, I immediately want to note the punctuality, rigor, practicality, the desire for order everywhere and in everything that has arisen from nowhere. Yes, under the influence of the Virgin, this is how her days pass. Many react to inconsistencies in small things, become nervous and demanding, and often criticize others without realizing that such behavior can lead to conflict.

Of the additional bonuses, logic begins to work at full capacity, the range of responsibilities expands, and thoughts about the need to fulfill them are actively ripening. Doing work that requires focus or has nuanced detail is a great time to clean up. Do not demand too much from others, especially from those who are not ready for these requirements at the behest of fate, for example, people who do not perceive order as an integral part of life.

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