Dawn on November 9, those who survived the full moon and total lunar eclipse in Aries ♈️, will meet in a completely different frame of mind than, for example, dawn a few days ago. Thoughts and emotions will no longer be agitated by the incomprehensible activity of the nervous system, and the awareness of reality will be clarified to new horizons. Of course, everything will not immediately become explicit and clear, but many questions will have clear answers and will be considered without any lenses.

So, on November 9, the Moon moves into the sign of Taurus ♉️. He loves home, family, delicious food and a break from the bustle of the world. In the days of Taurus, calm emotions prevail and you almost don’t want to do anything, so choose activities for yourself that do not require quick execution and increased dedication. You can not overdo it with eating food, buying unnecessary things and products, making changes.

✨ Warm relations with relatives and friends, creative activities, cultural events, as well as actions related to money, wills, real estate will be held in high esteem. Are you planning an important business/deal? Write to us to make a personal horoscope together and analyze the scenarios.

November 11 at 15:47 the night luminary begins transit through Gemini ♊️. From this short period of the Moon’s journey through the sign, you can take a lot of useful things for success in your business. First of all, we pay attention to the communicative features of transit. Along with a good mood, the need for communication increases: with relatives, colleagues, and others. There are new acquaintances and a craving for various events, most often of an entertaining nature.

Another positive thing is the undying craving for self-development and learning, learning new things. Such a busy rhythm of life can lead to a malfunction of the nervous system. No wonder she just can’t take the load. What to do?

✨ Plan days, do not try to do everything at once, give up empty contacts and communication, carefully weigh words so as not to get into an unpleasant situation. Exclude your own speculations, fantasies and heard gossip from conversations.

✨ Good days for advertising, journalism, contacts with politicians / authorities, trade, search for partners.

This horoscope is of a general nature and shows the general tendencies of the week. In an individual horoscope / natal chart, it is possible to view information that concerns only a specific person, that is, what is destined for him by fate.

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