Early in the morning, the Moon went into transit through Capricorn ♑️ – a sign that is meticulous about its relatives, home, would like to improve it as much as possible, but in return for its attempts, for some reason, it often gets the opposite result. The best recommendation is not to touch this area of ​​relationships at all, let it remain for several days without control and any changes.

💫 What else does the Moon carry in this transit? If you make a personal horoscope, a lot of information will relate to the work area. There is more responsibility, patience, there are chances to finish the work that has been started, but it is not recommended to start something new. It is good when a clear work schedule, daily routine is drawn up, and all actions are focused on the goals set. Yes, it is not necessary to show your dissatisfaction if something is not going the way you wanted.

💫 Unfortunately, with a high probability you will have to face a lack of emotions, coldness, callousness, gloom and even pessimism. Capricorn seems to block all human emotions in order to concentrate on work and professional achievements. Now it is quite clear why the family these days temporarily becomes the weakest and most vulnerable point, and why it is not recommended to touch it.

💫 Stock up for the winter, play sports and other activities that require focus and attention. Be patient to communicate with the older generation – this is a kind of test for a smooth and more relaxed passage of the period.

On the afternoon of November 2, we burst into the unstoppable energy of Aquarius ♒️. He would like to find more friends, like-minded people, share his ideas with them and come off to the fullest, not forgetting to show his peculiarity. It will be difficult for us to follow the rules and comply with strict guidelines, regimens, even relationships. If you try to set some boundaries or impose restrictions in the form of duties, it will definitely scare those whose attitude you value.

💫 The same can happen to you – in the days of Aquarius, various pressures and restrictions on freedom are felt very sharply, so the nervous system often malfunctions and behaves especially actively.

💫 Luck is possible in matters related to marketing, events, creativity, astrology, esotericism and similar areas. A good time for self-education and attracting sponsors.

In the afternoon of November 4, we slowly swim into the underwater kingdom of Pisces ♓️. Here we expect a calm course of life, which should not be disturbed by excessive activity or nervous outbursts. People move away from reality a little into their inner world, in which there is increased sensitivity, a desire for care, attention. This is why some of us may intuitively try to evoke self-pity in order to get the empathy we lack.

💫 Creative activities, spending time by the water, meditation and charity are recommended. In relations with relatives, love, respect and patience should be shown. This is especially true for children who, during the transit of the Moon through Pisces, are often whiny and cannot understand why they should do something everyday, if you can just lie down and dream about the beautiful.

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