An emotional and somewhat mentally difficult week will remind us why it is impossible to rashly release our inner negativity and what can happen after that. Monday and Tuesday turned out to be busy and unpredictable days due to the eclipse of the Sun and the New Moon, but on this the energy of the Universe did not stop its powerful influence, but, on the contrary, acquired a permanent balanced character.

So, on Tuesday, the Moon moved into the sign of Libra ♎️. This is the energy of harmony, creation, beauty, friendship, compromise and much more good. Venus, who loves everything beautiful, love, femininity and elegance, endows the energy of Libra with such characteristics.

What is behind the transit of the Moon in Libra? Logically, the desire to satisfy the craving for beauty: exhibitions, concerts, theaters and other cultural events; creative activities; peace of mind around. Everyone who is in one way or another connected with the activities listed above will receive a great impetus to development during this transit, will have demand and income.

The only thing that will cause a portion of trouble is internal fluctuations “between this and that”. It is difficult for Libra to make a final decision, therefore, if necessary, people will expect a hint from the outside, a sign, advice, in order to finally decide something for themselves. Many will note that those around them have become more open, sociable, go to dialogue for the speedy solution of problem situations. These are good traits that should be developed in yourself and applied as often as possible in life.

Before dawn on October 27, the Moon begins transiting Scorpio ♏️. It happens that we feel this change in the position of the night star a little earlier: we abruptly close ourselves and give free rein to intuition, philosophy, mystical views and spiritual practices. Many feel a surge of inner strength and unprecedented determination, primarily associated with internal transformations.

The days of Scorpio are considered quite difficult, because it is very difficult to keep emotions and feelings under control when they have accumulated to the maximum and require to slow down. The difficulty lies in controlling oneself – words, thoughts, emotions … and even a look. Remember that sometimes it is enough to arch an eyebrow or squint an eye, and everything flies into a cycle of emotional assault?

💫 October 27, 28 and 29 (until 6:35) are the days of a kind of strength test, so you should not succumb to any provocations (from your loved one too), expand your inner world and push away dissatisfaction with yourself in order to maximize the use of forces for really important tasks.

💫 Do not sort things out with your soulmate. The energy of Scorpio enhances the feeling of loneliness, it is difficult to predict how a person will react to certain words.
💫 Sports, physical activity and intellectual activity will benefit.

On the morning of October 29, this year’s autumn is completed by the Moon in Sagittarius ♐️. It gives us a good mood, a desire for personal growth, expansion of self-awareness, thinking, horizons (both at work and in relationships).

💫 Sagittarius is attracted by ideals, craving for mentors, changes for the better. It may happen that something more important, which is the basis of constancy, is lost behind blind craving in the pursuit of beauty. It is recommended to analyze your values and needs, and only then move in the direction that is most optimal for solving your goals.

💫 Travel, do charity work, meet and surround yourself with people who will cause the need to develop and not stop there, to be better than you are today.

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