Monday, October 17, passes under the mood of the same Gemini ♊️, through which the Moon completes its transit by the evening. There is still some time to continue active communication on professional and personal topics, to have time to consolidate the necessary connections and maintain interesting acquaintances. We remember the recommendation not to waste time on empty talk, instead, it is better to devote yourself to learning new things, the advertising field and everything that depends on the ability to maintain communication with other people, society.

Also on Monday, another important event occurs – the transition of the Sun to Libra, where it will stay for almost a month. This is a sign of the fall of the daylight, but in this case the situation is slightly stabilized by the influence of Venus (passes into Libra on October 18). What to expect from an astrological event:
💫 Self-esteem will slightly decrease, which will now take into account the opinions of others. We will pay closer attention to the words and opinions about ourselves, said by others;
💫 Sun in Libra can lead to loss of energy, activity, motivation, desire to move forward;
thoughts about comparing yourself and someone else, considering situations from different angles, compromising solutions to the detriment of yourself, but for the benefit of society, will regularly begin to visit.

On Monday, we exclude all important things so as not to make ourselves worse. In the evening, we are preparing for the transition of the Moon into the sign of Cancer ♋️. Welcome to the world of inner emotions and old, suddenly surfaced, insults and disappointments!
Until October 20, many sensations will be associated with irritability and excessive emotionality. The energy of Cancer fills us with a strong receptivity to what is happening around us, so we literally look for any little thing in order to connect it with those inner experiences that at any time had a very strong influence on us.

How to behave during this transit?
💫 It is recommended to take care of others, which shifts the focus from yourself to others and allows you to avoid your own vulnerability by switching to the experiences of important people.
💫 For emotional peace, you should pay attention to home, relatives, play sports and physical labor.
💫 Ideal days for creativity and strengthening family / tribal ties, traditions, etc.
💫 Purchases to create additional comfort and warmth in the house will have a positive effect on mood.

On the morning of October 20, as well as during October 21-22, we get the opportunity to prove ourselves in the prime of life – the Moon is transiting Leo ♌️, which means it pushes us to loudly declare ourselves and demand applause. One should not succumb to such a trick of cosmic energy, since as a result of similar desires of different people, quite a serious conflict can arise.

Remember your self-esteem, but at the same time respect others. Engage in creativity, sports, increase your authority, go on dates, various cultural events and completely eliminate criticism. Success in legal affairs is shown, but for advice on a specific natal chart, it is better to draw up an individual horoscope.

On the evening of Saturday October 22 and Sunday October 23 (Moon in Virgo ♍️), we are preparing for the desire to clean up the house, at work, correct mistakes, carefully monitor all affairs and be sure to point out to others the shortcomings they have implemented. Stop! The desire to do everything perfectly, on time and correctly is great, but pointing out to others their “jambs” is a sure cause for contention. Transit Recommendations:
💫 calmness, only calmness – without criticism and humiliation of the self-esteem of other people;
💫 cleaning at home, correcting mistakes at work;
💫 adherence to the daily routine;
💫 correction of plans, abstracts, scientific papers, etc.

Give up the desire to “help” relatives/relatives as much as possible. They know that at any moment they can turn to you for advice, cry in a vest, but not on the days of the transit of the Moon in Virgo. Free your and others’ nervous system from excessive loads.

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