On October 10-12, the transit of the Moon in Aries ♈️ contributed to the creation of a somewhat tense, but fruitful atmosphere that allows you to move forward. Decisiveness and emotionality reign in society, everyone is trying to defend their goal and not let themselves be led astray from the chosen path.
💫 It is recommended not to violate the personal boundaries of other people and watch your words. It is also necessary to carefully weigh the incoming proposals and analyze which of them can be implemented, and which are better left on the list of plans for better times. 💫 Success is expected in trading and other matters involving risk. All agreements should be fixed in writing, do not rely on long-term contracts.

On the evening of October 12, we switch to home mode – the Moon in Taurus ♉️ calls to relax and forget the worldly fuss. Feel free to solve everyday issues, do shopping according to the list and celebrate your success with your family. Good luck will accompany matters related to agriculture, agriculture and investment. You can’t make quick, ill-considered decisions.
💫 Relations during this transit of the Moon acquire a soft warm character. There is more trust, sincerity and tenderness. I want to immerse myself, as if in a cocoon, in family comfort and stay in it as long as possible.

Unfortunately for some people, and joyfully for others, on the morning of October 15, the Moon will move into the sign of Gemini ♊️. The aura of earthly pleasures will gradually become weak, turning into an energetic and restless movement under the influence of Gemini. All you need to remember this week for this transit is the need to properly manage your time and not waste it on endless conversations about anything.
💫 The positive aspect of the weekend is an increased desire to communicate and visit various cultural, creative and simply interesting events. Gemini rewards with intelligence, mental activity, allows you to gain more knowledge and carry out a lot of things in which the ability to talk plays the first role. It is recommended not to succumb to frivolity and avoid nervous strain.

💫 The horoscope provides general recommendations. For an individual consultation on your personal horoscope / natal chart, write in the comments or private messages.

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