For many, the week of October 3-9 began with an increased desire to receive new information, learn and expand their horizons. Not surprising, because the Moon entered the transit in the sign of Sagittarius ♐️, which loves self-improvement and travel.
💫 The energy of the sign has to expand its horizons as much as possible and achieve idealistic goals, which from a real point of view can be regarded as unattainable.
💫 In terms of relationships and communication, I want to say everything directly, without unnecessary words, embellishments, so conflict situations can arise filled with misunderstanding and harshness towards each other. It should be remembered that other people also have the right to their thoughts, views, decisions and actions, and are not obliged to listen to criticism from the outside for this. Remember, respect for others is the foundation of harmony.
💫 It is recommended to replenish your own knowledge base, make new acquaintances, organize and hold interesting events, participate in charity.

Before dawn on October 4, the energy of the Moon will change in a radically opposite direction – Capricorn♑️. Its orientation to the working sphere and the achievement of professional goals, organizational activities are preferred. The sharply heightened attention to the family and household chores is better to smooth out and voluntarily-compulsorily switch back to work. Capricorn’s captiousness to trifles, the desire to make everything more functional and better is guaranteed to spoil the mood not only for the initiator of changes in the house, but also for everyone who finds himself in these days in his field of action.
💫 It’s hard to believe, but with all the zeal forward, achieving practicality, in the days of Capricorn we become easily vulnerable emotionally. Real emotions rarely break out, but a vessel easily accumulates inside from misunderstanding on the part of others, self-pity, the need to hear kind words of support.
💫 Enhanced activity at work is recommended (organizational moments, implementation of plans and achievement of goals), self-development, helping other people. Mandatory manifestation of patience with others and the absence of internal emotional outbursts. A good time to visit medical institutions.

On the morning of October 6, the door to another world opens – Aquarius ♒️ – with changes, communication with like-minded people, a new vision of reality and the manifestation of one’s individuality in it. In a good mood, various events are held, knowledge is easily and effortlessly replenished and interesting ideas are implemented.
💫 The time of Aquarius is not suitable for changing the type of activity and communication with representatives of official institutions. Everything that is happening now will be a direct reflection of the inner world of a person.

On the morning of October 9, the starry sky will give new sensations – regular contradictions between the desire for creative activity and the need for solitude, when there is completely no desire to do anything at all. Pisces ♓️ can cause depressive notes, but this is quite amenable to correction: choose communication only with those people with whom it is pleasant to spend time, and pay attention to them the way you would like it to be paid to you. You should switch from your own world to the outside one, in which case it will sparkle like a rainbow, inviting you to self-expression through creativity and meditation practices.

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