The week begins under the influence of the Virgo ♍️ energy – strong and self-confident, when the actions and deeds of others do not seem as perfect as we would like to see ideally. We will pay more attention to various little things, show pedantry and will not be able to communicate normally with a person who suddenly decided to be late for a meeting. Yes, the transit of the Moon in the sign of Virgo forces you to literally find fault with all the little things and criticize everything that does not meet expectations.
💫 At the same time, positive emotions remain deep inside, providing the regulation of all actions to the cold mind and calculation.
💫 It is recommended to moderate your destructive fervor, causing irritation to others, and direct your energy to cleaning the house, solving detailed issues at work, going to the doctor or your own education. In the first place at the beginning of the week is the improvement of everything that is considered not good enough for you, but pressure on others and especially criticism of them should be avoided.

♎️ Toward the evening of September 27, attention switches to the inner comfort that you would like to receive immediately, but due to the constant fluctuation of Libra, the desire is almost doomed to failure.
💫 The transit of the Moon in the sign of Libra encourages us to create harmony in everything that surrounds us. There will be only one natural reason for failures – compromise decisions of a person when his own right or interests are infringed. In order not to get into such situations, one should avoid indecision and clearly express thoughts directly during the discussion of a particular issue.
💫 Creative activities, interior design, romantic dates, new experiences are recommended. The listed options for obtaining pleasure allow you not to pay so much attention to the injustice of the world and maintain a positive mood.

♏️ On the evening of September 29, the Moon transits in the sign of Scorpio. Together with her new position, a time of increased emotionality and irascibility begins. Scorpio enhances the feeling of loneliness, reveals negative psychological moments inside and enhances sexual desire. There may be times when we put off solving them and instead delve into self-criticism. Suspicion and aggression will also not allow you to enjoy the last days of the outgoing September to the maximum. Do you want spiritual joy? Try to bring harmony into your life.
💫 To harmonize life, it is recommended to restrain emotions, not to use barbs and offensive words in communication. The maximum energy can be directed to sports, creativity, self-development (psychology, yoga and other similar practices). Drink plenty of clean water – it cleanses the bad and allows the water sign to feel in its habitat.

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