The week of deep inner transformations and sensations began on a light note of the desire to communicate, explore the world and fill yourself with new knowledge. By Tuesday, September 20, many felt a transformation – plans changed somewhat under the influence of a strong desire to withdraw into themselves and not let anyone in, except for loved ones who know how to regret and find words of comfort.

Guess where such drastic changes come from? The Moon went into transit in Cancer ♋️ – her unstable emotional mood colored the world with other colors and pushes you not to get out of the cozy house of your own feelings. A personal online horoscope offers to work out relations with relatives, connection with the family and take more care of others during the days of the Moon’s transit through Cancer.

Things that require concentration and the use of physical effort will work well. Outwardly, seething emotions are not noticeable, so Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are a good period for a leap forward in the professional field.

After 23:00 on Thursday and until Sunday, calculating a personal horoscope for free seems to be an ideal option to raise your own self-esteem and work out all the points associated with the recognition of society. You should not be arrogant, be overly proud and criticize others. The transit of the Moon through Leo ♌️ encourages you to immerse yourself in romantic events, to be a source of creative inspiration. We feel a surge of energy to manifest ourselves in society and expect its recognition. It is recommended not to get upset if there is no expected return, but to continue on the chosen path, gradually climbing to the desired top of the pedestal.

Do not forget, in addition to the influence of the Moon, on September 24, Venus will move into the sign of Virgo ♍️. Personal relationships from this moment acquire calculation and practicality, we will want to analyze them, put them on the shelves and calculate them in the correct financial order. Now the ball will be controlled by logic and a cold mind, emotions and feelings will remain partially locked under lock and key. Keep this in mind when you want to reproach your partner for the lack of love impulses.

The New Moon (September 2022) will also occur this week. On September 25 we have the opportunity to feel the New Moon in the sign of Virgo. The weakening of the lunar energy leads to a general breakdown and excessive emotionality, but exactly how the Moon behaves in its weak phase for a particular person can be found out from his personal horoscope. Try to make a personal horoscope with us to fill yourself with harmony even on not very favorable days.

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