On Monday, the transit of the Moon through Pisces is gradually completed, internal contradictions slowly subside, self-pity goes somewhere inside. The week promises to be interesting and eventful, because already early Tuesday morning we are faced with the energy of Aries ♈️ – strong and bright, which will not allow you to get bored and withdraw into yourself without the help of the outside world.
💫 Aries loves to be obeyed, to be admired, loves to conquer, conquer, melts from compliments addressed to him. The dynamic energy of this sign forces you to constantly be in good shape and stop any attempts at criticism directed in his direction. Restrain your emotions so as not to be in the epicenter of the conflict.
💫 A good period for the implementation of plans that are not related to collective efforts. Go in for sports and active leisure activities, cook delicious food to satisfy the inner ego and prevent it from expanding to obscenely large sizes.

It will be possible to relax on September 15 – at 11:58 the world around will suddenly become friendly, in extreme cases, much more favorable than under Aries. The moon at this time will begin transiting Taurus ♉️, who likes comfort, harmony, home decor and simple delicious food. In business, progress is expected, because Taurus knows how to make prudent decisions and use intuition. The attitude towards others will also be simple and friendly, which allows you to experience positive feelings and enjoy life.
💫 Pay attention to the possibility of unnecessary cash spending or excessive stinginess. In financial terms, try to stick to the golden mean.

From September 17, after 23:13, there will be a desire to communicate with friends and share with the whole world our plans, thoughts, dreams, etc. We will feel the need to find out as much information as possible, as well as the need for endless movement. Boredom and monotonous days are the enemies of Gemini transit ♊️.
💫 Troubles these days can appear against the background of carelessness and frivolity. It is worth watching what you say and not wasting time on empty talk.
💫 A good period for marketers, advertisers, resellers, journalists and everyone involved in the information field. Conclusion of commercial transactions and short-term contracts is favorable. Learn new things, including foreign languages.

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