The coming week gives a favorable time for education and everything related to personal growth. It is recommended to complete the work begun, as always, take into account the mood of others, not succumb to their manipulation and not initiate such behavior.

The personal horoscope for the new week begins under the auspices of Sagittarius ♐️ – from September 5, an imperious strong sign will want to dominate and subjugate others, achieving their goals. Sometimes he will do unthinkable things, for example, confidently do good (in his understanding), even if the person did not ask for it, and even if it is not quite the same usual good.
💫 Restrain impulses and pure thoughts that may have dubious consequences. Do not be surprised that during the transit of the Moon in Sagittarius it is not always possible to foresee the next steps – life is in full swing, and it is clearly unpredictable.
💫 Learn new things, travel, share information with friends (without imposing), fill your storehouse of spiritual values.

On the evening of September 6, there will be a preponderance of the listed values towards the home and the family hearth. When others have already received their portion of good, it’s time to switch to relatives! Capricorn ♑️ reveals family relationships and orders, as if under an x-ray. Where, in his opinion, there are jambs, he will want to immediately correct the situation. This will be the first major mistake!
For two days, try not to exert pressure at home and not touch relatives in terms of moralizing and ideality expected from everyone. Finish the work you have started together, devote maximum attention and efforts on your own to achieve goals at work, and also remember the traditions that would be nice to follow to maintain inner harmony and purity.

From 22:09 on September 8, with relief, we adopt the light creative experience of Aquarius♒️. Welcome to the world where you want to show your inner self and no one will succumb to strict assessments of this desire and seal it in a frame. These days, all thoughts rush into free swimming, and restrictions noticeably spoil the mood.
💫 The most favorable time for journalism, marketing, theatrical art, diplomatic negotiations. There is a desire to please others, to surprise them, because the energy of Aquarius is the energy of good and positive, endlessly pouring out of his inverted vessel.

Almost at midnight on September 10, sensitivity and the dual nature of feelings turn on. Pisces♓️ is to blame for everything, through which the Moon will pass, and the echoes of the full moon (at about noon on September 10). Many will be overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts as much as possible, so self-control will bring personal and social benefits.
💫 The actions of others are perceived too emotionally if they affect the personal ego, but at the same time, you can find aspects that will help create versatile comfort.
Take up art, study materials on psychology and spiritual fulfillment. This will make you stronger and help you get rid of the excessive sentimentality that often occurs during the transit of the moon. Distinguish where you comfortably adjusted so as not to cause yourself discomfort, and where you carelessly fell into the arms of laziness and do not want to do anything. In the second case, it is recommended to find reasons for a quick return to the real world.

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