Karmic horoscope

What kind of karma came into this world and how to improve the situation to reduce the impact of negative karma.

Each of us is born with the karma of the past. Is she good or bad? The natal chart will be able to answer this. And we can read it and tell you. What is better to do and what not to do. Even without knowing astrology, an ordinary person can observe how someone easily gains, and someone fights like a fish against ice and everything is in vain. It is for the second case that it is important to know that everything is not so bad. Difficulties can be both temporary, and this is also visible in the map, and relatively permanent or long-term. In the case of long-term ones, we will advise corrective actions and tell you how to better react and redirect relatively negative energy for a positive result.

Each person comes with karma for partners, children. But what can I say, even the neighbors are already programmed for our lives. And they are exactly what we deserve. Our parents are also given for a reason. It is important to learn the right lesson and correct everything that does not suit you in the right direction for further development. No amount of money will ever satisfy us if there is no peace of mind and satisfaction from what is happening around us. So let’s look at your map together and form an appropriate outlook on life in general just for you.