Horoscope of compability

Horoscope of compatibility between a man and a woman or between other people (mother and child, father and child, business partner, etc.)

You can often observe that even full-fledged, fulfilled and self-sufficient people cannot be with each other. They diverge. Everything is fine when it’s just acquaintances. And when is it a loved one? When is it a child? Mother or father? Brother, sister? It hurts us a lot. It interferes with further development by creating disharmony. We want to be together, but it doesn’t work out.

A compatibility horoscope can be ordered based on the relationships we already have. And you can check the relations that are just emerging. As you know, no one gets married in India without a compatibility horoscope, so the number of divorces there is extremely low. When all the puzzles come together, it makes no sense to look for something else to replace the existing one. Even the so-called “Kuja Dosha” can be corrected. It is important to find a partner with the same Kuja Dosha, get married closer to the age of 30, a few more corrective moments and a person will never know that he has such a position in the chart. Although some people consider it a strong curse that destroys married life. All our troubles are from the fact that we do not have knowledge in a certain area. If school explained their unique feature to children, there would be fewer problems.

You can also consider compatibility with a business partner. You can get answers to the question of why there is no common language with your own child and how to solve it. To consider any compatibility, we need data from both people, for which we will calculate their relationship.