Financial horoscope

Help in choosing the direction of the best result in financial matters.

Each of us can earn money only in the appropriate directions. You can read a bunch of books from successful people, you can even try to reproduce exactly the path that these people took. But I am more than sure that the result will not please you at all. Because it’s other people’s way, but you have your own.

Someone will sell vegetables and business will flourish. Another will set up his shop next to it and nothing will come of it. Or a cafe, I think it’s clearer, given our reality. And it also happens that the new cafe overshadows the neighboring one, that he will have to sell the business, even though they are located next to each other. I would like to inform the reader that there is no point in repeating someone else’s business, in the best case scenario, it may come to nothing. It’s another matter when you’re doing your own thing. Success awaits you in this. The universe doesn’t need everyone to be a salesperson or a teacher or a manager or a notebook maker or a journalist or a plumber. However, there are quite successful people in each of these fields. And there are unfortunate ones who work from paycheck to paycheck and every time in a circle.

Analyzing the financial horoscope will help you choose your niche, clarify who you should be in the chain (leader or subordinate). I note that there are always several options. That is, fate provides a set of opportunities from which you can choose something to your liking at any stage of personal development. In Jyotish there is also such a concept as yoga karaka, by revealing it a person gets fame, honor, dignity, financial prosperity, political success and reputation. Is it possible that your card has such a provision? Maybe it should be opened?