Full horoscope

The most complete horoscope by periods, purpose, self-realization, karma, relationships, financial issues.

To begin with, we build an individual natal chart, according to the data of your birth. Each person has a mission on Earth. Thanks to the map, we will learn the meaning of your arrival in this world. What skills did they come with and why? How better to reveal and realize your potential. Let’s calculate the periods of life that will have to go through. You will receive wishes on how best to live this time with minimal harm and maximum self-realization. Let’s write down the best things to do now, in a year, etc. depending on the periods in which you live. Why is this important? For example, we sow plants in spring, because this is the most optimal time for them. Of course, it is possible to grow in a greenhouse in winter, but you yourself understand how much effort, time, energy, and money will be spent on this. At the same time, the quality will be “greenhouse”. So everything has its time and it is better to live in harmony with yourself. That is why someone gets married at 18, and someone at 40. You should not rush, you should live YOUR life. It is mandatory to consider whether there are any obstacles to starting a family. If they are, we give a recommendation to improve the situation.

If necessary, consider health, income, relationships with parents / brothers / sisters, real estate, romantic relationships, creativity, children, work (is it better to work alone or in a team?), partnerships, changes and transformation in general, teachers, mentors, students, vacations and trips, losses and limitations.